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»We started to realize that we sell solutions and that for winning the business it is very important to understand the buyer's situation and the organization itself. All these years we lacked the control over the sales team activities and the quality of the pipeline.«

Peter Kosin, General Manager, Inea d.o.o.


Business Challenges

The company was struggling with fluctuations in production and with the company's non-optimal capacity utilization, which was compromising its profitability and security.


  1. during projects, all salespeople were preoccupied with operations, therefore they didn’t acquire new projects,

  2. unit managers were selling mainly to existing customers;

  3. salespeople employed for the purpose of acquiring new projects were unsuccessful.

Needs and Solution

The company director said that they could succeed if they would:

  1. have the knowledge to acquire new customers, so that the dependence on one customer would decrease. The goal was to acquire four new big customers in the following two years;

  2. manage the sales process in a way, that capacity occupancy would be evenly distributed;

  3. enable four co-workers to generate new opportunities by themselves and to make successful sales on the local market and abroad.


Atol has proposed a comprehensive, results-oriented solution, which consists of a series of guided workshops, consulting sessions to establish a sales system and customized tools to implement the system, combined with a range of activities to ensure successful implementation in practice.


  1. A team of sales engineers was established to run the vast majority of sales activities before including the subject-matter experts. Continuous training and sales team improvement was set up. It raised the overall awareness about the importance of the sales function in the company;

  2. The company, which was mainly selling to existing customers managed to already gain 10 new customers and has specific sales opportunities with its key customers in the pipeline. The company's profit increased by 15% in the first year;

  3. Successfully established a CRM tool (re-implementation of existing CRM system which was not used) and the sales team management system to regularly monitor the sales results.

About the Company

The company Inea was established as one of the projects of the Jožef Štefan Institute to encourage the transfer and the usage of the Institute’s research achievements in the fields of internal energy systems management and industrial processes. The volume of the business has increased rapidly and today Inea is one of the leading companies in the fields of industrial automatisation, computer based process control, and manufacturing informatics.

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