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Sales Performance Improvement

Increase of Sales Efficiency

Achieve Your Targets

Is your sales team doing a good job but still losing too many prospects to the competition and wasting too much time on opportunities that never close? We develop the right approach that guides your sellers through the right steps with the control over the client's buying process that is needed to take their performance to the next level.

In Negotiation

Maintaining Margins and Profitability

Monetizing Higher Added Value

Developing higher added-value offerings has become easier than selling them. It is difficult to defend prices from low-price competition. Your sellers cannot convince Clients to pay for better quality.
We provide your team with Value Selling techniques that allow you to win profits for further competitiveness.

Sales management and Forecasting

Steer Your Sales Team to Performance

Many factors can influence your team's performance that the whole company depends on. But it is your responsibility to manage that, foresee and mediate the consequences. 
With a sales process designed for management and forecasting we give into manager's hands a powerful tool for insight and control.

Discussing the Numbers

Performance Management of a Global Sales Network

Remote Cross-Cultural Management

Internationalization is the key challenge of growing SMEs on their path to successful international companies. Whether your employees or business partners, the performance of remote sellers is crucial to your success.
With the tools that modern global companies use we can bring it under control for you, too.

Complete Custom-Designed


Solutions we provide are custom-built based on your situation and specific requirements but can be grouped into:

Partial Solutions (generic or customised sales training and coaching, complicated CRM systems, unaligned marketing & digital strategies, frequent replacing people) cannot deliver optimal results that you need.

Sales Performance Improvement

Sell More and Better

New Business Development

New Market Opportunities

New Business Development
Sales performance improvement with market penetration, new clients and profitable projects

Manage the Unknown

Entering New Markets

Entering new markets is always a major challenge. Whether a new market is a new country or a new market segment, relatively little will be known about the competition and clients. Not to mention different cultures and language barriers to entry.
Our international network can reduce the risks for you with local knowledge, people and management tools.

Business development solutions - higher profitability

Quickly and Safely Verify a New Market

Outsourced Business Development

There is an opportunity in a new market but you don't have the team nor the resources to build one. Our team of experienced professionals can take on the task for you - building the new business in a fraction of time and cost, taking over the risk from you.

PGN - Global partner network of management consulting firms

The Fastest Way to International Growth

Building a Sales Partner Network

The businesses with appropriate business model can grow internationally through a business partner network. This method is much cheaper and faster but full of pitfalls. The performance and quality of these partners is below expectations and issues can be suffocate growth.
Using modern techniques of remote sales and business partner management that get adapted to your specific industry and offerings we develop a profitable network under your control.

Use the Business Potential of Internet

Business Information Solutions

Business Information

Aligning Digital Marketing and Sales

B2B SMEs cannot afford anymore to look at digital marketing other than strategically. As much as 85% of buying or decision process happens in front of a browser and some companies are being left behind. With the right experts from both worlds sales and marketing you can turn it around.

Aligned sales and marketing strategy will ensure business results

Financial Risk Management

Companies struggle to reduce risk, improve profitability and optimise decision making. Our IBIS Solution provides clients with real-time up-to-date credit information to the right people at the right time for proper decisions and in-time responses to critical financial situations.

Atol IBIS Business Information Solutions to reduce financial risks, improve profitability

Atol Produs CRM System

A CRM tool is a crucial supporting element of most of our solutions. It is configured to support the change being introduced, but kept simple and acceptable to people. Usually less functions means more adoption. Our CRM solution is efficient - "CRM for sales people by salespeople".

Simple and affordable CRM designed by Atol salespeople
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