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Why We Succeed

Our Approach

As the Atol's logo suggests, we combine

  •     BLUE     - the systemic, hard and ...

  •  ORANGE  - the human, soft ...

elements of change into a measurable improvement of business results. This also allows us to be rewarded based on client's real results.

Structure of a Produs Sales System

Most of the challenges in B2B sales can be solved through a systematic approach. Without the system, we can't improve sales performance and achieve better results. In some places, entire sections of the system are not defined and established. Only when the system is fully operational, we can say that we manage our sales.

This system is fundamental for scalability and successful, seamless execution of global 🐦 PGN sales improvement projects.

Below, you can see the basic elements of the Produs system which don't need to be complex but they are necessary. With them, the "Art of Sales" becomes a technically manageable system.

Structure of Produs Sales System- Sales system approach with measurement and sustainability

Sales Process

Doing the right things in the right order. Based on established global approaches and adapted to your specifics, including your best practices. It ensures the proper functioning of sales and gives the basis to the sales quality management. The process is generally unified for the entire company.


Sales Tools

Doing things right, depending on specifics of individual sales situation. The tools also reflect the specifics of the various programs and offerings. Specific sales tools help salespeople to do their job consistently correct and with high quality, as foreseen by the process.


Sales Management and Improvements

A professional sales management is established that is based on transparency and objectivity. This allows forecasting and improvement of the results and, consequently, growth and security of the company.


Lead Generation and Lead Nurturing

With an effective strategy and different approaches, you get new leads quickly and in the right way. You also respond to leads and provide them with the necessary information to assist them in their buying process.


Training and Coaching

It ensure that your team is trained and that agreed improvements are implemented into daily practice. It reduces the risk of project failure.


CRM Tool

A CRM tool is an integral part of a complete solution. It is used with an approach "more is less". This helps you to avoid many difficulties, e.g., high implementation cost, frustration among users.

This system is fundamental for scalability and successful, seamless execution of global 🐦PGN sales improvement projects.

PAIMProdus Agile Implementation Methodology

Produs Agile Implementation Methodology

  • Based on leading global concepts Solution Selling, Strategic Selling, Spin Selling

  • Focus is on real life implementation and people buy-in

  • Adapted (and scaled down) to younger and growing companies

  • Practically proven with complete set of tools, templates, and guidelines

  • Supports team execution of projects, multilingual execution

Produs Agile Implementation Methodology - Solution Selling approach based agile methodology

Produs Project Structure

Every Produs project is different but in average it corresponds to a simplified structure depicted here.
First half is composed of an analysis and of building of the newly improved system that is later deployed to practice in the second half of the project. 
The second part is the deployment or practical part during which the sales team is being introduced to the practical use of the system and trained and coached in practice so it gets gradually internalised. With parallel development of the aligned management, the change, the improvement becomes sustainable.

Produs Project Structure - situation analysis, building the system, training, mentoring, coaching

Want to read in-depth about the components of a Produs solution?

Produs Agile Implementation Methodology for 🐦PGN projects is used to prepare the sales system locally, and execute it globally

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"Progress is impossible without change, and those who cannot change their minds cannot change anything."

George Bernard Shaw

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