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Reinvent your business in smart stages with the advice of experts who know the challenges of your industry. 


Upgrade your global solution sales with proven startegies for better results and efficiency


Revitalize and modernize the work and the development in your community and EU funding 

Home B2B Sales
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Proposal Management System 

Designing and presenting technical solutions to clients during sales is a delicate activity reserved for the expert team members. This is expensive and inefficient.

Atol offers a proven customisable system that allows you to:

  • save ~80% expert time in preparing solutions for clients,

  • eliminate friction and improve teamwork between sales and implementation teams,

  • competently present reference projects, increasing the perceived solution value,

  • deploy it and start improving results in two weeks.

Professional B2B Sales Essentials

As your company grows, you need to switch to a more professional sales approach matching new requirements. You cannot afford to continue in old ways.

Atol has 20 years experience in helping growing companies deploying professional sales tools and processes, in a customized way, fully adapting to your company's specifics.

Produs Agile Implementation Methodology - Solution Selling approach based agile methodology
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Digitalization is the topic of our time. A lot of funds is dedicated to transition projects, but the implementation is challenging due to the breadth of knowledge and experience required. The areas range from technologies and integration standards, to business operations and especially the new business models that digitalization enables.

Atol's experts have collaborated with almost 100 companies in their transformations into modern competitive businesses and have accumulated a lot of knowledge and experience needed for the successful digitalization of most companies.

Home Digitalisation

The Power to Know

Organisations can be led effectively only if correct decisions are being made. This is not possible without the right information. 

Atol experts can understand the needs of key people for the information to support their decisions. Using the modern cost-effective AskBI technology we deploy effective business intelligence solutions that are user-friendly and adopted.   

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Grantly - Selected Calls Delivered

The recovery grants present a development opportunity for all organisations. Finding opportunities and partners is hard.

Grantly is a complete database of European and local calls for grants. It emails relevant ones as they're published, saving up to 90% time you would normally spend. For free.

Home Community - Innovate Communities 

The pandemic has made community life difficult. Fortunately, there is government & EU funding for recovery projects available

A user-friendly online tool can revive your community. We can guide you from applying for funds to user training, as a partner on the project.

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