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Gorenjska banka

"Our joint project has radically changed the attitude and approach of the entire sales team.”

Mojca Peternelj, Corporate & SME Banking Division Director at Gorenjska banka


Business Challenge

The existing method of acquiring business did not allow to achieve the set sales targets and consequently jeopardized the implementation of key measures and the goal of business restructuring in a set period.


  1. In the past, the sales team did not have to actively sell their products, as the clients themselves came to the bank with the needs that had to be processed;

  2. There was neither an adequate competence nor a proactive stance to win new business and customers;

  3. The objectives were demanding, the deadlines were short and the changes were too slow, despite the awareness, as the bank could not cope with that on their own.


Needs and Solution​

The director said that they would succeed if:

  1. The SME sales team would have an effective approach to identify the right customers and would follow the steps according to the sales process;

  2. They would be able to recognize specific customer needs and propose the right solutions that would also capitalize their benefits;

  3. An experienced team of sales consultants would help them accelerate the implementation of the necessary changes in practice - until the summer


Atol has proposed a comprehensive, results-oriented solution, which consists of a series of guided workshops, consulting sessions to establish a sales system and customized tools to implement the system, combined with a range of activities to ensure successful implementation in practice.



  1. In two months 20 active business opportunities were generated and approx. 150 additional leads were generated among potential buyers;

  2. The sales process is embedded in the credit process of the bank and takes place from the first contact with the potential buyer, through the preparation and approval of financing, to the monitoring of repayment. Atol has helped in the completion and introduction of an internal CRM tool that fully covers the credit process plus includes sales activities and key information to monitor customer needs;

  3. In the period January-February 2015, the volume of new clients for loans amounted to 3.2-times of revenue in the period January-February 2014.

About Company

Gorenjska banka is an universal bank with a wide range of services both for legal entities and for individuals as well as for sole proprietors. It is solid, reliable, flexible and a practical bank, and ensures that employees devote all their creative energy to customers and their needs.

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