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Solutions for Investors

The biggest risk factor of non-performance of early-stage companies is their inability to scale the sales execution. And still, investors struggle to mitigate it.

Discussing the Numbers

Pipeline of Qualified Targets


Investment managers need an adequate number of qualified targets in order to build a profitable investment portfolio and deliver results.


  • targets actively looking for investors are often not optimal opportunities;

  • we don't have the capability for proactive search of optimal targets.


  • build a professional approach for identifying, qualifying and winning optimal targets;

  • develop a team and enable it for execution of this approach;

  • in the alternative, outsource the execution for accelerated results.

green papers

Pre M&A Sales Due Diligence

M&A Targets can contain hidden risks that can inhibit growth, causing the investment to fall short of the ROE target and investors’ expectations.
current sales results indicate a promising outlook based on a limited number of key accounts;
financial statements do not reveal the company's inability to win new clients in existing markets and in new ones;
the target's management team is unable to manage business development.
analyse the existing sales function in light of future plans;
specify risks and their potential impact on performance;
prepare recommendations to restructure the sales function.

Upward Curve

Investment Portfolio Performance


Companies with big growth potential fail to achieve projected results, causing a return on equity that is insufficient for the owners. Investment managers may have difficulty delivering expected results.


  • company management is not aware of the critical role of systematic sales for meeting financial targets;

  • companies don't have a professional sales function in place;

  • high value-added offerings require special sales approaches for profitable sales that will fuel growth.


  • management has to recognise that a professional and profitable sales strategy is the key success factor for meeting the business plan’s goals;

  • a professional sales function has to be put in place that includes creating a competent sales team and executing a well-conceived sales process by using practically effective tools;

  • company management must be in charge of sales, profitability and forecasting.

Business Brainstorm

Post M&A Sales Alignment


A strategy based on M&A can be negatively impacted by incompatible sales teams. If an optimal integration of sales functions is critical to success, the project can be endangered or can even fail.


  • sales teams have different cultures, processes and incompatible offerings;

  • often the sales teams used to be competitors and have negative perceptions of each other;

  • resistance to change in the sales teams and middle management directly impacts performance.


  • jointly define common offerings, sales messaging and sales process;

  • manage change adoption by using a proven professional approach based on people buy-in;

  • establish management by objective that directly supports the M&A’s purpose.

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