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Financial Risk Management

Integration of Business Information Systems

Companies struggle to reduce risk, improve profitability and optimise decision making. Our IBIS Solution provides clients with real-time up-to-date credit information to the right people at the right time for proper decisions and in-time responses to critical financial situations.

Advantages for the Client

The main end results of Financial Risk Management are:

  • fast and reliable credit rating decisions;

  • monitoring, early warning and disaster risk reduction;

  • cost monitoring and decreased insurance costs;

  • less time spent on documentation gathering, data verification and processing;

  • client side in-house solution – no security exposure;

  • occurrence of mistakes, resulting from manual work in the process of acquiring data and calculations, prevented.

The Solution

IBIS (Integration of Business Information System) is a financial risk management solution for automated ordering and transfer of credit information reports from domestic and foreign credit information sources. IBIS automatically stores data in company's financial databases.

Control over the process of acquiring and calculating financial information of companies is crucial for making the right business decisions:

  • automated processing and ordering of credit data for customers;

  • connections with several different credit information sources and rapid implementation of new credit information source (Bisnode, Cerved/Lince, Coface, CreditSafe, Creditreform, D&B, IGK, ...) ;

  • secure environment, structured data and information management;

  • unified decision making process based on financial and credit information of customers integrated in one system;

  • defence against uncontrolled change of financial condition and behaviour of clients;

  • identify clients at risk of protracted default and/or bankruptcy;

  • effective financial risk management;

  • ability to monitor and periodic risk re-assessment; or

  • traceable archive, history and audit trail.


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