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CRM Idol Competition

»Atol’s unique strength was really the combination of product and services together – the knowledge of not only how to configure and customise the solution but also the knowledge of how to keep CRM simple and drive the business change.«

(CRM Idol 2012 Review)

Produs Information Tool Development Roadmap 

Produs Information Tool (PIT) is designed by people who understand sales people and sales processes. This means we do not focus on quantity of features that often do not provide real functionality to sales people. For them - less is more!


We do focus on functionality that helps salespeople sell and managers manage. Our revolutionary mobile client - PIT Sidekick Road Version helps sellers do everything they need during a busy day out of the office without many features. We're also deploying GDPR-ready version in 1Q18. Check the current PIT Roadmap below ...


In 2012 we entered the CRM Idol competition , an annual competition that provides CRM industry related small businesses an opportunity for exposure, resources and advice that would otherwise be unavailable to them. The primary judges seemed to recognize our focus and approach to CRM implementation: A successful CRM project is a combination of a product and service, keeping it simple, without unnecessary features and capabilities with clear focus on delivering the desired business results.

Here is the complete CRM Idol 2012 Review:


CRM Idol 2012 Review:
Produs by Atol Business Solutions

reviewed on 15 September 2012


Atol is a Slovenian company that is entering CRM Idol for the first time this year. Atol opened their presentation to the judges by describing their core beliefs about CRM, namely that:

  • CRM shouldn’t fail;

  • Successful CRM connects the business with IT;

  • Successful CRM puts “adoption before function.”

On that basis, they aim to provide both a product and consulting services to make CRM initiatives successful. They aim to bring a mixture of business consulting and IT programming skills together and they aim, above all else, to keep CRM simple. Their passion is that most organisations buy far more CRM functionality than they need and spend far too much of their budgets on technology integration, instead of focusing on the things that actually matter, for example, user adoption, cultural change, incentives etc.
Now all of this is perfectly reasonable – the judges wouldn’t disagree with any of the statements above (in fact the judges are some of the most passionate advocates of these principles). But, CRM Idol is a competition for CRM software vendors, so ultimately we judged Atol on their product. As far as the product is concerned Atol have built a configurable B2B sales solution to support contact & opportunity management. They started by building a sales methodology, which they subsequently turned into a product in an open source, LAMP-based solution. Their product was designed through direct client experience with 40-plus end user organisations. It offers B2B organisations a simple tool to manage the stages in the sales cycle, providing task-lists and accelerators at each stage.
The focus of the tool, above all else, seemed to be simplicity. If you have used task management within Microsoft Outlook, then the chances are that you will be able to use Atol CRM without much of an issue. Atol CRM provides some nice functionality around click-to-call (via Skype) organisational hierarchies and functionality for building sales communities like RSS feeds and sales tips. However, the judges did not really see a unique differentiator in the product. Many CRM solutions provide sales methodology and opportunity management functionality and many also focus on simplicity for the SME segment. We felt that Atol’s unique strength as a company was really combining product and services together – the knowledge of not only how to configure and customise the solution but also the knowledge of how to keep CRM simple and drive the desired business change. Effective CRM required both right and left brain to work together in alignment, and that’s what Atol seemed to be focusing on.
Reviewed by CRM Idol 2012 Primary Judges

Atol CRM System - Adoption before function
The Mentor and Primary Judges

Frank Eliason (Mentor)

Director Global Social Media at Citi

Frank’s experience and goals are centered on creating the right experience for Customers, and utilizing a variety of channels to reach them. In current and former roles he has worked to use new technologies to better understand and assist organizations in improving processes and tools to ensure first contact resolution and improved Customer Satisfaction. Currently he is working within social or digital media to better measure, understand, and assist Customers. In doing so, he is defining the next generation of Customer Service.

  • Frank Eliason
  • Frank Eliason

Laurence Buchanan

Vice President, CRM & Social CRM, EMEA at Capgemini

Laurence Buchanan’s credentials speak for themselves. With a decade of experience at SAP, where he was Vice President for CRM, he is a recognised authority and evangelist on CRM, Social CRM, customer experience and digital transformation. He has spent over 14 years working in the CRM market, both as a sales and marketing leader and as a CRM subject matter expert. Laurence works within the EMEIA Customer practice for Ernst & Young Advisory leading go-to-market propositions around Digital, Social CRM and CRM Technology.

  • laurence buchanan
  • Lawrence Buchanan

Silvana Buljan

Founder and Managing Director at Buljan & Partners Consulting​


Silvana has been involved as a business consultant and subject matter expert in CRM projects since 1998, focusing on defining customer-centric processes and policies and supporting their implementation in multi-national organizations. Her expertise lies mainly in CRM change management, organizational set-up and training/coaching for long term CRM. She contributes to various expert panels as author (G-CEM, Customerthink, etc.). Silvana’s industry expertise is in Automotive, Air Transport, Financial Services and Retail. Her client portfolio includes market-leading, blue chip companies in the afore-mentioned sectors.

  • Silvana Buljan
  • silvana buljan

Mark Tamis

Managing Partner at TouchFlows


Mark Tamis is a European social business strategist & entrepreneur, at the intersection of social CRM, marketing and Enterprise 2.0. He has a background in managing Professional Services at a US Software Vendor and now provides advice to B2B and B2C companies on the next generation of business strategies. Mark was one of the first three Europeans to be certified by Paul Greenberg's BPT Partners in "Social CRM Strategies for Business," in February 2010.

  • Mark Tamis
  • Mark Tamis
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