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10 Reasons Why Sales Outsourcing is the Answer

sales outsourcing

Sales outsourcing is a great way for businesses, especially startups to improve the way they deal with sales. It has a lot of benefits over only relying on your in-house team. What are those benefits?

Sales outsourcing can save a company both time and money. It is a great way to decrease the load your in-house teams need to bear and free them up to do other things. Furthermore, managed service companies that specialize in sales are much better equipped to deal with sales than the majority of in-house teams.

In this post, we will talk about the benefits of outsourcing your company's sales to another managed service company. Towards the end, we will explain who we, the PGN, are and how we can help you if you decide this is a direction you want to take your company in.

Without further ado, let us get started:

Benefits of Sales Outsourcing

sales outsourcing

There are great articles at and that talk about this. We have synthesized the information from them and presented it here, focusing on the list at

#1 - It can help you target new markets

Often it turns out that your in-house sales team is simply too busy or not substantial enough to cover all parts of the market your product could reach. Outsourced sales teams, however, dedicate all of their time to doing so, and can thus naturally reach all parts of the market you are targeting. This makes it so that no prospects are left uncontacted and your sales function at maximum efficiency, meaning that little to no potential profit is lost.

#2 - It can help you overcome technology constraints

Even if you do have the appropriate state-of-the-art tech and tools at your sales department, it is unlikely that you will have all the proper skills necessary to efficiently use it. A managed service company specializing in sales will not only have the latest tech related to the field, but will also know how to maximize its potential. This will provide you with a more efficient use of your time and resources than relying solely on your in-house team would.

#3 - It can help you break out of silos

Many companies fall victim to compartmentalization where, for example, the sales department is not in contact with marketing and this leads to inefficient planning and practice. By outsourcing the sales function of your company to another one, you can break out of these silos by having them holistically approach the sales process. This is possible because they can give their full attention to it and have nothing else to deal with. They can work better cross-functionally and help with managing outcomes. This is not to mention that they can work within shorter timeframes than in-house teams to accomplish the same tasks.

#4 - It can help you test out new products and services

Often it is the case that your in-house team simply does not have time to adequately test the waters with every new product and service you wish to sell. Hiring a managed service company to do this for you can have great advantages as they can take all of the work upon themselves while you keep yourself busy elsewhere. After they try out your product on the market they can help you determine what demand there is for it and the way you should be pricing it.

#5 - It can help you reach customers through all channels

It is well known that nowadays sales is not only done in person or over the phone. Rather, there are many new avenues through which communication can be achieved, including things like chat, email, or social networks. The benefit of hiring a managed service company to handle your sales is that they are most of the time well-equipped to deal with customers through all of the different channels used in the modern age. This will improve the number of prospects your product will attract along with the total amount of sales.

#6 - It can help you learn through someone else's experience

Managed service companies that specialize in sales are usually much more experienced than any sales team you can assemble as part of your own company. Therefore, not only will they provide you with excellent service, but they can also teach you and your sales team a thing or two. It is easy to pick up lots of good sales techniques this way. You can also strongly benefit from sales reps who have shown themselves to have experience in specific vertical industries such as healthcare and technology.

#7 - It can help you lower the cost of sales

Although it might sound counterintuitive that outsourcing sales will save you money, it makes sense when you consider it carefully. You will, naturally, pay an outsourced sales team more than an in-house team, but you have to keep in mind all the costs that go into the hiring process as well. This is not to mention the increased revenue that an outsourced team expertise is likely to bring in. When looked at in detail, this soon starts looking like a win-win situation, with you having less to worry about while also ending up with more money at the end of the day.

#8 - It can help you maintain accountability and performance management

Managed service companies that handle outsourced segments of other companies are typically paid per successful sales, especially those with new clients. They are therefore heavily incentivized to not slack off and apply themselves to finding new and efficient ways to draw in new clients. This will continuously improve their results. This is also influenced by them having to reach certain contractual agreements and expectations.

#9 - It can help you improve the performance of your in-house team

If there is no influx of new ideas and creativity, the activity of your in-house team can sometimes become stale and uninspired. This is why it is so beneficial to have an outsider company serve as a benchmark of excellence which will constantly keep your in-house team on their toes. Outsourcing your company's sales does not mean you have to fire your team. Rather, they can work with the expert ideas and techniques that the outsourcer brings to the table and together with them work on maximizing your company's profits.

#10 - It can help you get access to better data analytics tools

The managed service company you outsourced your sales to will most likely have far superior tools when it comes to dealing with sales data. This means that they can provide you with better information about your customers so you can better understand where you should focus your efforts. This will greatly increase the effectiveness of your in-house team as well, and you will overall waste fewer resources.

Finding the right partner

sales outsourcing

Even if reading the above advantages warmed you up to the idea of outsourcing your company's sales function to someone else, you are still left with the task of finding a partner whose philosophy and approach match yours. This is where we come in.


The PGN is a disruptive platform that specializes in connecting the creators of innovative tech solutions with businesses in need of them. It will not take you long to realize how this relates to the topic discussed in this post. Choosing us as the company to which to outsource your sales makes a lot of sense especially if your company specializes in selling innovative solutions.

If you are looking for a good managed service company to outsource your sales to, look no further. Our sellers have lots of experience and working with us will no doubt net you all of the benefits we discussed in this post. Do not be shy to stoop in contact.


There you have it. Sales outsourcing has been proven time and time again to be a great option for many businesses who want to upgrade their sales game. Among the benefits we talked about in this post, you will find some counterintuitive info such as that outsourcing can actually save you money in the long run.

It can also lead to smoothing out your overall sales process by taking care of a lot of the particulars like data analytics so that you do not have to worry about them. Finally, outsourcing does not mean you have to obliterate your in-house team. On the contrary, they and the outsourcer can work together to make each other more efficient and ultimately improve your company's sales profits.

Finally, finding the right company to outsource sales to can be a challenging task, which is why we recommend taking no chances and going with those who know what they are doing. We at the PGN come equipped with expert sellers with lots of valuable experience, making us a great option for anyone looking to outsource their company's sales. Do not hesitate to get in touch with us.

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