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Proposal Management

An internationally proven proprietary system for higher efficiency and assured quality of sales execution    

Solutions Design

Technology and other innovative companies need to offer customer-tailored solutions. This also means using a complex sales process, during which solutions are developed, and customers, with the help of sales consultants, go through a demanding path of learning and understanding.

The design and presentation of technical solutions thus represent key parts of sales. These require the most knowledge and experience and are therefore often reserved for the best experts in the company. To design a solution well, we need to have a good understanding of the customer's needs and translate them into components of solutions we propose.

The Challenge

Designing and presenting solutions   are critical parts  of the sales.

It is reserved for the  best experts , with the required knowledge and experience.

With growth, this becomes too  expensive and inefficient .

It needs to be organised as a holistic system, which is  very demanding .

Company Development

When a company is smaller, defining a solution by chief engineers is optimal. As we grow, the number of solutions does too, and we realise how much it actually costs us. Especially, since not all offers succeed despite the costly solution preparation.

Sooner or later, the need of modularisation of solutions arises. But it needs to cover also their non-technical parts if it is to ensure the required quality.
We can embark to build such a system ourselves, but it takes too much tedious work for experts to afford such an investment. They would also feel they were "reinventing the wheel" much of the time.

Atol's Professional and Proven
Proposal management system

Multiplied efficiency and quality


The system enables  ~200% more efficient  sales and assured quality.


Sales and implementation  teams work together  to improve and develop solution


Unified system, employees are introduced to processes  twice as fast .

We need a system that enables:

  • Salespeople or junior sales engineers design most solutions themselves with a simple tool that contains all the necessary instructions. Only a small part of solutions and the final assurance should still be performed by an expert.

  • The solutions prepared in this way are already suitable for presentation to the buyer and the sellers have all the explanations ready for a presentation.

  • The implementation and sales teams regularly cooperate in the development of the system, so that the transfer of improvements of technical solutions to sales is streamlined, together with all criteria and restrictions.

  • Mistakes that occur at any stage of sales or implementation can be prevented in future via fixes of the system.

  • The overall number of solutions needed to be significantly reduced, without negative impact to the quality of sales execution, more likely improving it.

Processes Supported by the System

for efficiency and effectiveness

Reference Solutions Presentation

Sellers have a collection of past solutions with the right explanations, organized by types of customers and issues, which they use independently in the early stages of the sales process thus executing them optimally.

Proposed Solutions Design

Sellers or engineers can, based on the needs they define with buyers during selling, put together solutions with all the information and explanations for a competent presentation and warnings to avoid mistakes.

Maintenance and Development

Departments have a joint quality system for preparing offers which they can trust, so that they can insert solution improvements and options that get automatically transferred to sellers for their presentations.

The System Implementation

  • We build the system together, with our expert leadership.

  • The system is fitted to your needs and your sales process.

  • You select the future system administrator who participates during most of the project and manages the system after it.

  • Your key experts participate in  the project only as needed.

  • At the end of the implementation, all users are trained.

  • Atol provides support to the administrator after the end of the project.

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