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»We are pleased! Why? By creating a useful sales process and implementing the sales information tool Atol helped to improve our ability to exploit our sales potential. It was similar to helping the captain of a ship, loaded with gold, who is tired from rowing, by putting in his hands a navigation system and telling him where and how to float to redeem his gold, and to help him further by handing the oars to well-trained oarsmen.«

Niko Kumar, CEO at Valtex & Co., d.o.o.


Business Challenges

Valtex & Co. realised that they were not taking advantage of all the commercial potential available to them. Due to owners being overwhelmed by day-to-day management they could not deal with strategic questions and concentrate on maximizing the growth of the company which, just a few years earlier, was known as the "Slovenian Gazelle."


  1. They were running out of time for strategic sales because they were preoccupied with operations;

  2. they lacked the time for acquiring new customers and had not developed a well-organized approach, whereby the sales team would systematically acquire new customers;

  3. they had no real control over sales and sales activities since they were bogged down in a large quantity of unmanageable information and ambiguously drawn contracts, in most cases with purely oral agreements, and with no system to monitor their fulfillment. Efforts to shift the responsibility to others triggered often repeated mistakes, and the resulting problems were increasing; and

  4. they were overlooking smaller companies, with some business opportunities dragging on multiple years. The sales team was been able to plan ahead.

Needs and Solution

The director said he needed a way to:

  1. get everyone in sales to work according to a single system and plan;

  2. manage sales and salespeople to coordinate their activities optimally;

  3. actively train the sales team to acquire new customers; and

  4. develop the sales system to stay abreast of the firm’s growth.


Atol has proposed a comprehensive, results-oriented solution, which consists of a set of guided workshops, consulting sessions to teach sales methods, and a set of customized tools to implement the system, complemented by a range of targeted activities for a thorough and successful launch.


  1. At any moment, the management can now monitor the forecast, their progress and know what the purpose of each activity is;

  2. they systematically see the progress of each opportunity;

  3. they have a systematic and cumulative overview available and can forecast income;

  4. they are able to properly assess visits and contacts with clients and can help salespeople; and

  5. the system also helps with obtaining data for rewarding salespeople.

About the Company

Valtex & Co. offers innovative, modern and functional products to users in the sanitation and hygiene paper field. At the tenth anniversary of its business the company registered the Valtex brand, which further expanded their range.

Customers from all over Slovenia are supplied with appropriate advice, installation, estimates of material consumption, and supervision, which ensures complete comfort. Valtex has been present in the market for 15 years.

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