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TEM Čatež

»I am convinced that Atol’s method and tools will turn out to be long term solutions because they enable us to serve our customers better. More than to just sell, we want to know our customers’ wishes, needs, and expectations for tomorrow. Here goes a thank you to Atol which saw us as a unique client with unique challenges to solve.«

Andrej Bajuk, Managing Director at TEM Čatež


Business Challenge

The most important business challenge faced by TEM Čatež was the need to increase market share abroad, thereby reducing their dependence on individual local markets. They understood that this would be risky because they did not know how to control sales optimally even in the markets where they were already active. If they were unsuccessful, they would not achieve their sales targets.


  1. They had no established or agreed upon direct access to the final customer;

  2. They were challenged by different, and sometimes incompatible, business cultures among distributors - some were not open, and there were trust issues;

  3. Sales management was not sufficiently systematic, and didn’t collect enough information about markets.


Needs and Solution

The company director said they would succeed if they could:

  1. Manage to recruit the right representatives;

  2. Manage to integrate all salespeople and representatives who are a part of the sales team into an effective sales system;

  3. Plan the work of team members better, and monitor their progress.


Atol has proposed a comprehensive, results-oriented solution, which consists of a set of guided workshops, consulting sessions to teach sales methods, and a set of customized tools to implement the system smoothly, complemented by a targeted range of activities for a thorough and successful launch.



  1. The company has successfully implemented a system of "Value Added Distributors," which means that one dedicated representative in every distributor follows the TEM sales process and responds directly to the Head of Sales in Slovenia;

  2. TEM Čatež now regularly obtains approximately 70% of the available market-specific knowledge and information on current and potential projects;

  3. The system provides management with good control over the work of each individual representative; and the system has been structured so as to integrate each new representative quickly.


About the Company

TEM Čatež is a leading Slovenian manufacturer of installation switches and sockets. They provide customers advanced solutions to switches and sockets in the living and working interiors, with an emphasis on aesthetics and ease of use.
The company is well known for its commitment, its personal approach to customers, and fast response to market needs. Their activities over the years have succeeded in the demanding markets of the European Union and beyond.​

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