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»When you initially claimed that sales process can be managed as manufacturing or logistics, I, sincerely, didn't believe it. I didn't think it's possible.  Now I see that it is possible and it was all enabled by Atol.«

Andrej Novak, Managing Director at SMT

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Business Challenge

SMT’s sales depended on a limited number of existing customers, which unfortunately did not provide a sufficient volume to make efficient use of production capacity


  1. Management lost focus on sales while they invested heavily in maximizing production efficiency;

  2. SMT had a young, inexperienced sales team with an overly-technocratic sales approach. The team had a great potential for improvement;

  3. Salespeople did not have the right sales tools and did not have the training to know how to motivate potential customers or how to make the most of their sales calls.


Needs and Solution

The company director said that they could succeed if:

  1. Salespeople used an approach that would enable them, at the first meeting, to identify customer needs – and then the solutions which correspond to those needs;

  2. Salespeople could independently and confidently implement agreed-upon sales activities and know exactly what they must achieve at each meeting – a "to do-list";

  3. While salespeople carry out sales activities, regardless of location, managers could have »live pictures« of the sales team’s implementation and performance of its duties.


Atol has proposed a comprehensive, results-oriented solution, which consists of a set of guided workshops, consulting sessions to teach effective salesmanship and a set of customized tools for implementing the system, complemented by well-organized activities for a thorough and successful launch.



  1. All salespeople now have effective selling tools that allow them to perform sales activities independently;

  2. Sales teams are using a customized information tool which enables them operational management and monitoring of sales activities;

  3. The sales manager is able to control and monitor the sales opportunities of his sales team and forecast sales results.


About the Company

SMT provides electronics manufacturing services (EMS), offering complete solutions for clients’ EMS needs in one place. SMT’s core business is developing and producing custom-made electronic devices. The company specializes in SMT and THT component assembly.

With extensive experience in the area of development and manufacturing, SMT offers customers comprehensive EMS solutions.

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