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"I see this project as a success because it made a bigger change than I had expected. Comparing to other regions I assess that our sellers with the new approach don’t see just products and services but complete solutions in the segments of Mats and Workwear."

Gregor Šilec, Managing Director, Lindström Slovenia


Business Challenge

The owners in the groups's headquarters saw a lot of potential for growth in Lindström Slovenia so the management of the local company was facing the challenge of achieving higher growth and profitability targets.


  1. Despite successful work on the Mats program there was still huge overall potential for its growth while with work-wear the major room for growth was in the government segment and other large businesses;

  2. The sales function had not developed high performance sales culture of solution selling type where the focus is on the needs of buyers instead on features and advantages of products and the sales activities without a structure and with limited win ratios;

  3. The sellers did not collaborate among themselves and the lead-generation agency to share the knowledge needed for success.

Capabilities and Solution

The Managing Director said they could achieve targets if they could:


  1. change and optimize the sales process because they could not achieve the targets with an increased amount of work;

  2. Transfer the structure of this proper consultative selling approach to the rest of the sales team; and with that also

  3. Develop the culture of knowledge sharing within the company as well as with their marketing agency, all based on the principle of value selling - in line with corporate directions.

Atol has proposed a comprehensive, results-oriented solution, which consists of a series of guided workshops, consulting sessions to establish a sales system and customised tools to implement the system, combined with a range of activities to ensure successful implementation in practice.


  1. A sales team has been developed that consistently uses the defined sales process and by that sells more and better;

  2. According to the value selling concept, a set of selected big opportunities was successfully closed, which significantly contributed to the business result;

  3. The previously existing CRM system was accepted with real understanding and users accustomed to using it. The managers received a tool to monitor sellers’ performance and the achievement of sales and operational targets.

About the company

Lindström is a leading European textile service company with over 165 years of experience in the textile industry. They offer a wide range of textile services ranging from workwear, protective equipment, mats, restaurant and hotel textiles to industrial mats and towels.

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