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Melamin d.d.

»Project effectiveness and interaction with Atol consultants I would evaluate as excellent. The solution was devised to move us in the direction that we want, its functionality was excellent, sometimes better than we expected. During the most intensive collaboration, we were constantly in touch. They were perfectly tuned in to us.«

Damjan Murn, Director of BU Chemical Industry at Melamin d.d.


Business Challenges

Melamin wished to maintain product quality and carry out well-coordinated responses to its customers but they didn't have sufficient control over sales to meet their sales goals.


  1. Sales processes were complex and demanding;

  2. different customers require different approaches;

  3. sales processes are highly diverse;

  4. the sales team is small; and

  5. Melamin carries out many sales operations with activities that will only increase in scope.

Needs and Solution

The company director said they could succeed if:

  1. the sales process facilitated more controlled and transparent sales management;

  2. concurrently with growth and an increased scope of sales activities they could maintain product quality while delivering well-coordinated responses to customers;

  3. besides growth and an increased scope of sales activities they could achieve sales goals.


Atol has proposed a comprehensive, results-oriented solution, which consists of a set of guided workshops, consulting sessions to introduce a productive sales system and a set of customized tools for implementing the system, complemented by a range of targeted activities to ensure a successful launch.


  1. We have implemented Produs solution in this company by which we have established a sales management system with a documented sales process and back-up procedures;

  2. for more controlled and transparent sales they have chosen a web information tool that supports implemented processes and simplifies the collection of information and communication between the sales team and the logistics team; and

  3. Produs solution also allows monitoring and control of the activities of the entire sales team and produces reports and analyses for effective monitoring and forecasting of sales results.

About the Company

Melamin sells special chemical products worldwide. These products are further used in technological processes in paper, wood processing, furniture, construction, chemicals, and the footwear industry.

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