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Linde Plin d.o.o.

Sašo Govc, Deputy Director at Linde Plin d.o.o.


Business Challenges

Linde management had difficulties achieving sustainable business growth under increasingly difficult competitive conditions.


  1. The company had to meet the higher sales goals of its owner while using the same sales team;

  2. due to poor communications there were mistakes, delays and lost opportunities and even lost customers; and

  3. managers weren’t able to effectively acquire new potential customers.

Needs and Solution

The Deputy Director said that they could succeed if:

  1. salespeople’s activities were organized to provide better service and retain their customers;

  2. the sales team used a customized information tool in order to improve tracking of customers to sell them more; and

  3. management could control and monitor the sales team’s opportunities.


Atol has proposed a comprehensive, results-oriented solution, which consists of a set of guided workshops, consulting sessions to improve sales techniques, and a set of customized tools for implementing the system, complemented by a range of targeted activities for a thorough and successful launch.


  1. Sales people have an effective sales tool that enables them to acquire new customers;

  2. sales team members are using a customized information tool which enables them to improve customer relationship management and customer satisfaction;

  3. sales people are able to acquire new customers effectively;

  4. the sales manager is able to control, monitor and support the sales opportunities of his sales team; and

  5. management has successfully met the requirements of its owner.

About the Company

Linde plin specializes in sales and distribution of industrial gases and is a member of the international Linde Group. In addition, the company owns a bottling plant, and has storage facilities throughout Slovenia.

Linde supplies customers from all over Slovenia with technical gases, with appropriate services, and equipment for the use of these gases.

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