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KOPA, d.d. has been one of the leading ERP companies in the region for more than 30 years, introducing complete information system solutions for top Slovenian companies and also for companies in Serbia, Bulgaria, Croatia, Montenegro, and Bosnia and Herzegovina.


Business Challenges

In order to achieve the company’s long term goals KOPA management had to take action to ensure further revenue growth. They expanded into foreign markets but until Atol's intervention they had not yet achieved a real breakthrough.


  1. there were excessive fluctuations in sales from salesperson to salesperson, who didn't know how to process potential clients efficiently;

  2. with the expansion into foreign markets, sales activities had increased, making it impossible to maintain effective control over the sales force; and

  3. inaccurate forecasts of sales affected the whole company.

Needs and Solution

The company director said that they could succeed if:

  1. all salespeople could sell under a well-controlled sales process and systematically acquire new customers;

  2. the sales process was successfully introduced into practice; and

  3. the sales process could be transferred to partners so that they could be monitored and managed effectively.


Atol has proposed a comprehensive, results-oriented solution, which consists of a set of guided workshops, consulting sessions to teach sales methods, and a set of customized tools to implement the system, complemented by a range of targeted activities for a thorough and successful launch.


  1. All salespeople and executives now have an overview and an integrated picture of the sales activities directed at existing and potential customers. A uniform system of work allows them to cooperate on projects more easily and lend assistance when necessary;

  2. Salespeople have improved control over planned activities and implement them more rigorously; and

  3. Managers are able to supervise sales effectively. At any point in time they can see business in the acquisition process, and they can monitor the sales activities directed by salespeople at each individual client. Managers are able to forecast sales results more accurately than before.

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