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FerroČrtalič d.o.o.

With its penetration into foreign markets, the company’s sales activities and the information related to these activities increased in volume and complexity. Managing sales activities successfully became a crucial challenge for FerroČrtalič as it expanded into new markets.

Bojan Črtalič, director



  1. the volume of sales activities had outgrown the established methods of a fast-growing company;

  2. information about potential and existing customers was disorganized;

  3. planning and coordination of sales activities was difficult.

Needs and Solution

The company director said FerroČrtalič could succeed if:

  1. salespeople used a tailored sales process, supported by appropriate sales tools when approaching new international clients;

  2. the sales team used a customized information tool to enable operational management and monitoring of sales activities; and

  3. management could forecast sales accurately while monitoring performance.


Atol proposed a comprehensive, results-oriented solution, which consisted of a set of guided workshops, consulting sessions to introduce effective sales methods and a set of customized tools to implement the system, complemented by a range of targeted activities for a thorough and successful launch.


  1. Salespeople have an effective sales manual that contains the appropriate sales process (a sequence of well-defined sales activities) and has prepared instructions and tools for each activity;

  2. sales teams are using an implemented, customized CRM system that enables an effective operational management process and regular monitoring of tasks and processes; and

  3. sales managers are able to monitor and control the activities of the entire sales team as well as forecast sales results.

About the Company

FerroČrtalič is a leading company in developing solutions and production machinery in the Surface treatment technologies segment. After years of successful operations in Slovenia, in 2006 the company began to expand into foreign markets.

Today the company operates on six continents and has become an indispensable partner to both the European and the global industry.

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