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"We've already had a consulting firm help us, but Atol's approach is something completely different, with real value."

Igor Berce, Director at Brinox d.o.o.


Business Challenges

From time to time, Brinox faced unpredictable challenges with key customers. In addition, Brinox management wanted to be prepared for possible issues at the completion of investment cycles. They detected several opportunities in foreign markets from which they received enquiries for smaller deals, but the potential of new markets remained largely unexploited.


  1. weak readiness for entering foreign markets;

  2. a need for local representation before entering foreign markets;

  3. ad hoc attempts to enter foreign markets were neither systematic nor fruitful.

Needs and Solution

The managing director said they could succeed by:

  1. formulating the right approach to end customers in key international regions;

  2. finding local representatives in these regions who would work as a link between Brinox and end customers;

  3. operating under a unified sales process, with Brinox maintaining control;

  4. planning and making decisions on the basis of accurate information obtained from the market.


Atol has proposed a complete solution that includes business analysis and consulting, preparation of customized tools, training and coaching. Recruiting and enabling appropriate local representatives abroad has been added to the proposed solution.


  1. Brinox has signed contracts and annual sales targets with new agents, who have years of experience in the pharmaceutical industries, to cover foreign markets;

  2. the entire sales team has a structured approach to final customers. A new sales system is designed in English for global deployment; and

  3. Brinox has established control over all sales activities and actively monitors information from the market.

About the Company

Brinox is an innovative European company with 40 years of experience specialized in complete systems or individual process units and components for the pharmaceutical, chemical and food processing industries, with a long-term vision to become the leading European supplier of customized process solutions.

Brinox provides its customers with complex solutions in process engineering. It also represents a partner whose experience and responsiveness help to resolve complex challenges in Brinox’ projects.

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