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ATech electronics

»Our sales did not feel strong enough. Now that the team is formed and able to operate independently, we feel confident in it and in ourselves ... but the road ahead is long.
And here we are counting on Atol.«

Massimo Makovac, CEO at ATech elektronika


Business Challenge

The FUMIS program (a family of products that have been designed to control pellet boilers and stoves effectively and reliably) was not meeting expected sales targets. Furthermore, sales targets for 2012/2013 were crucial for the tactical direction of the company.


  1. Sales were over-focused on active opportunities with existing clients;

  2. The existing sales process lacked the right approach towards new leads;

  3. The sales team needed additional sales tools and knowledge to be successful.

Needs and Solution

The company director said they would succeed if they could:

  1. Sell under a comprehensive system that could allow the systematic discovery of opportunities at their existing customers;

  2. Effectively cover the market of manufacturers of small furnaces “without brains”;

  3. Put in place a system combining the techniques and salespeople to understand customer needs and development.


Atol has proposed a comprehensive, results-oriented solution, which consists of a series of guided workshops, consulting sessions to establish a sales system and customized tools to implement the system, combined with a range of activities to ensure successful implementation in practice.



  1. All sales personnel have effective working tools to help them reach higher efficiency in sales activities;

  2. They are able to obtain the right information about their business opportunities, allowing them access to decision makers;

  3. The sales manager is able to control and monitor the sales opportunities of his team.

  4. After the difficulties, Atech's business started improving in 2012, its turnover has increased by 40% in one year, and their business continues to grow.

About the Company

ATech is a fast growing company that provides innovative electronic systems, particularly in energy saving, market protection and comfort (individual well-being).

The main areas in which ATech is established as an international competitor is in the electronics of motor controls and connectivity modules – ATech’s trademarks are SmartMove and SmartLine.

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