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The challenge of Akripol was to get new partners in foreign markets. They received several inquiries, but this potential remained mostly untapped. This had to be addressed because some of the key programs already declined, which could regardless of their long term potential lead to their termination.


Business Challenge

The challenge of the Company Akripol was how to get new partners in foreign markets. In fact they noticed number of opportunities from foreign markets, from where they received several inquiries, but this potential remained mostly untapped. This had to be addressed because some of the key programs had already decreased, which could - despite the potential - in the long term lead to cessation of those programs.


  1. There was no defined concept of participation in foreign markets. There were many approaches followed by uncontrolled decisions;

  2. They experienced problems with a systematic and efficient way of working as the number of potential partners have increased. What was missing was the effective tool for a systematic partner acquisition;

  3. Some recent replacements of key sales people on some of the production programs were not done efficiently. They were not sure if the staff was sufficiently trained for qualitative task execution.


Needs and Solution

The company director said they would succeed if:

  1. Searching for potential partners in selected foreign markets would be systematical and in line with the respected sales channel;

  2. An effective and proven concept of how to sell a new solutions to a new potential partner would be established and systematized, so that the sales process would be in line with the customer project phase;

  3. Sales people would be trained on execution of the agreed activities.


Atol has proposed a comprehensive, results-oriented solution, which consists of a series of guided workshops, consulting sessions to establish a sales system and customized tools to implement the system, combined with a range of activities to ensure successful implementation in practice.



  1. The knowledge and information gathered about the individual market, current and potential projects have increased by approximately 70%;

  2. All the sales people have efficient and effective tools which help them to improve the effectiveness of the sales activities;

  3. 50% of the sales people are trained to run qualitative sales meetings, which helps them to determine in an early stage if the customer is really interested or just looking for an offer; 

  4. The market decrease in Slovenia was replaced with Austrian market. They got 10 new customers there.

About the Company

Akripol has many years of experiences with polymer production and processing. Their business advantages are product quality and product service. The company is providing advanced solutions in the area of transparent noise barriers, skylights and various plastic materials (plates) for production.

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