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Kota d.o.o.

»I liked above all that Atol's consultants had experienced situations similar to ours.
They listened to us and gave us good professional advice, due to which we've increased the effectiveness of our solutions.«

Miha Grešak, General Manager at Kota d.o.o.


Business Challenges

Kota management realized they were unable to increase sales, because they lacked the time and energy to get the job done.


  1. The customers’ solutions weren't implemented at a sufficient level of quality, and Kota managers were not keeping track of the promises they had made to their customers;

  2. Kota managers were unable to take action properly and timely, because they didn't have adequate insight into, and control over, events in the sales process; and

  3. Kota managers could only analyse sales results and were not able to forecast them accurately enough to plan production capacity properly.

Needs and Solution

The company director said they could succeed if:

  1. Salespersons used an approach that would enable them to maintain complete control and oversight of customer sales activities;

  2. the sales team used a customized information tool to enable them support sales activities;

  3. salespersons could access key information at any time and from anywhere;

  4. the sales process enabled a smooth transition of customer agreements from the sales team to the production team; and

  5. the sales manager could monitor and predict sales results at all times, and take appropriate timely action where needed.


Atol has proposed a comprehensive, results-oriented solution, which consists of a set of guided workshops, consulting sessions to put a productive sales system in place, and a set of customized tools to implement the system thoroughly and successfully.


  1. The sales team is using effective selling tools that allow them to prepare appropriately for meetings and ensure that meetings have clearly defined objectives;

  2. the sales team is using a customized information tool which provides them operational management and monitoring of sales activities;

  3. sales team members can collaborate and assist each other, as anyone can quickly and fully learn each customer’s chronology;

  4. due to a new system for recording complaints and distributing customer feedback, the sales team is able to act responsively and thus better understand their customers and maintain customer satisfaction;

  5. recording all agreements with customers concerning projects allows a smooth transmission of information from the sales team to the production team;

  6. agreements and promises are no longer forgotten, and managers have an overview of developments in the commercial sector; and

  7. the sales manager is able to see who did what, where the sales persons were and what was agreed to, as a basis for forecasting sales results and timely action.

About the Company

Modern technological excellence and established reputation account for the special position of this company in the domestic and foreign markets for supplying cooling systems and industrial processes. This also applies to Kota’s cold stores, cooling units, heat pumps, and waste energy utilization.

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