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Senior consultants should think about retirement

A study from the London School of Business and Finance has found that 43% of employees aged between 45 and 54 are seeking new challenges and opportunities. High stress, divorce, “empty nest”, boredom at work, redundancy or simply an urge to learn new skills: there are plenty of reasons for wanting a change in the second half of the professional career, but for many it’s about satisfaction.

Many experienced professionals choose a freelance, project-based business model. They have accumulated a large amount of knowledge and experience during their earlier years and they come to enjoy the flexible hours, geographic flexibility, and career autonomy.

Aside from starry-eyed aspirations of work that is finally fulfilling, there are some serious considerations to take into account when considering a freelance, project-based entrepreneurship:

The project-based business model usually ensures some short-term revenue stream. It means that they get paid per project, but the consulting fees are often not high enough and the projects usually end in a couple of months.

Their earnings depend on the actual work done. Any longer or unplanned absences pose a danger.

There is a constant need to acquire new projects, but they do not have an established sales funnel, therefore they are forced to accept projects based on capacity and not based on project type and profitability. In some cases, they might have a larger and longer project, but they often get overly dependant on those.

Struggling with the challenges mentioned above and the fact that going from an established company and a high level position to freelance work there is a pay cut. Yes there is less pressure on the finances (children have left home, the mortgage is paid off), but the freelancers should still make sure to put money aside for retirement savings. As a rule of thumb, advisers say they should be setting aside 10%-15 % of their earnings for a decent retirement income. However, sometimes, this is postponed to later times or is used up due to unplanned events.

Produs™ Global Growth Network (the PGN) is an alternative solution to the project based freelance consulting work on one hand, and on the other, it is also a way of ensuring a retirement income.

PGN is a disruptive platform based business model where experienced consultants support innovative SMEs with internationalisation. SMEs’ offerings in the PGN are competitive, high quality & high added-value, meaning that risk is low and time is not wasted.

Experienced consultants can finally capitalize on their numerous existing business relationships and rich industry knowledge. There are many different roles in PGN that members can take on. Each one of them allows consultants to leverage their relationships and knowledge to reap well-deserved rewards.

PGN Recruiters bring their existing clients with a need to grow and internationalise to the PGN where other PGN members do all the work. This way Recruiters earn a long-term, passive income - meaning they collect rewards from all the business done by your clients within the PGN.

So, with PGN, freelance consultants can finally enjoy the luxury of working for passion rather than money and be rewarded for the human capital they have accumulated over the years.

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