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Emerging Trends in Technical Solutions for 2020

Are you a producer of technical solutions? Are you perhaps looking to inform yourself about modern trends and improve your business? Maybe you are simply curious about what is going on in the business world.

If you even somewhat fall into any of these categories, this post is the right read for you. It will go into some detail about the current emerging trends in the world of innovative solutions to give you an indication of what the future may hold. Towards the end, there will be a section where we, the PGN, introduce ourselves and tell you how a solution seller can benefit from collaborating with us.

That said, let us get started.

What are the emerging trends in technical solutions?

The field of technical solutions is becoming revolutionized with both emerging trends and old ones gaining ground. These include the internet of things (IoT), artificial intelligence (AI), automation, intelligent transportation, and automatic machine learning (AutoML). These represent the major ones but there are many more.

Emerging trends

We will now look at some of the most important emerging trends in the world of solutions and describe them individually. The sources consulted are KDnuggets and Perficient.

The internet of things (IoT)

The IoT has already revolutionized the world of technology with its improved connectivity possibilities. Several industries have greatly benefited from its ability to streamline processes and make the use of a company's resources more efficient.

Nowadays there are great things on the horizon for the IoT, the biggest one being its expansion in three dimensions: boundary, dimension, and scenario. 5G and edge computing mean that computing power will no longer be limited to cloud computing centers but rather be expanded to everything with a distributed computing platform. New-generation IoT platforms will be able to have insight into time and space, which will, in turn, allow the technology to be even more integrated with sectors such as medicine, energy, intelligent cities, etc.

Tasks that were previously manual will start to get more and more automated, allowing human employees to work on creative tasks. The IoT will continue streamlining tasks, saving enterprises both time and money.


There are many new ways in which AI technology is being expanded upon. Already a potent force in the solution market, it will only become more important as time goes on.

One of how the AI industry will evolve is the introduction of large-scale production and "AI factories". The continuing investments constantly being pumped into this technology makes this development something of an inevitability. This change in production will provide new commercial solutions and update many businesses and even entire industries, from finance and e-commerce to education.

Furthermore, AI chips will become more and more popular. They have steadily been reaching a usable state, and will most likely be implemented on a large scale in 2020. They will be cheaper, more specialized, and seemingly integrated into solutions. Likewise, neural processing units (NPUs) will the basic model of the next generation CPU chips.

More and more devices will integrate a deep learning framework as the foundation of their design. AI will also change the way we think about computer architecture, supporting AI training and inference as new design ideas.

Automatic machine learning

Abbreviated to AutoML, this emerging trend is predicted to lower the threshold of machine learning. It will be able to integrate traditional machine learning's iterative process to construct an automatic process.

Thus streamlined, researchers will only need to input meta-knowledge such as problem descriptions or convolution operations, and the algorithm will be able to "automatically select the appropriate data, optimize the model structure and configuration, train the model, and deploy it on different devices."


Automation was already mentioned when we talked about the IoT, but it does not necessarily need to be confined only to it. The truth is that automation is an emerging trend all across the board then it comes to technology, and the purpose of most new tech is to streamline and automate processes that nowadays may require at least some manpower.

The IoT, AI, and deep learning all contribute to automation, and will in all certainty take over a lot of manual, repetitive tasks that nowadays have to be done by humans. Nowadays, a lot of businesses are looking for solutions which can automate their processes and, in that way, save them time and money.

Intelligent transportation

With the rise of brands such as Tesla, intelligent transportation has become quite a big deal in the tech world. Nowadays, its implementation is on the rise, and we may soon be seeing autonomous vehicles driving through parks and cities.

As the decade rolls on, self-driving vehicles will be increasingly applied to a wide variety of scenarios such as public transport or logistics. Likewise, V2X (vehicle to everything) technology is ripe for production and implementation on a large scale, making vehicles and roads form a wide range of connections.

Quantum computing

Quantum computing is on the rise and is entering a phase of explosive growth, revitalizing the AI and cloud computing industries. Quantum hardware will be further improved and those medium-sized noisy devices will even possess the ability of self-correction. Quantum computing also has implications for AI, and quantum artificial intelligence is being developed now more than ever.

But hardware is not the only important segment affected here. High-quality quantum computing platforms and software will continue to emerge and be integrated with the aforementioned AI and cloud computing technologies.

Quantum computing is also sure to become more popular within a wider variety of fields as more and more industries realize its value and invest in it. This change will also inevitably affect the future of AI and cloud computing.

Blockchain technology

This tech is already on the road to being pragmatically integrated into a wider variety of scenarios than ever before, with things such as AI, big data, IoT, and edge computing. Being thus integrated, blockchain technology has the potential to solve problems concerning data mapping.

There are many examples of solutions relating to data usage, circulation, or authorization being built around blockchain technology. As an example, we can look at the field of e-commerce, where blockchain ensures the authenticity of the entire process. When it comes to supply chains, it can help bolster the transparency and openness of the whole process data, as well as a safe exchange between enterprises.

Blockchain will continue to ensure the transparency of transactions more and more which will, in turn, improve the authenticity of information flowing from one company to another, making a more efficient value-added chain and increasing the quality of collaborations.

Multimodal deep semantic understanding

This technology is becoming more and more mature and that trend will continue in the future. This maturity will allow it to be applied in more contexts than ever before.

Multimodal deep semantic understanding allows machines to take voice, image, or text information and, using an approach that combines both perception and cognition, achieve a deeper understanding of the world around them. This will lead to a broader application of computer vision, natural language understanding, and working with knowledge.

As our knowledge about this technology matures, its application in everyday life will keep getting easier. With the help of AI chips, it may soon become the norm in industries such as education, healthcare, finance, etc.

Are you following these trends?

As a producer of innovative solutions, it is easy to sometimes be unaware of the newest trends in the field. The world of solutions is constantly changing with new things being introduced and old things being improved upon. It can be so difficult to know that you are not missing anything.

Luckily, we (the PGN) exist. The PGN is a platform that focuses on connecting the producers of innovative solutions with those who need them. If you as a producer are worrying about the newest trends in this area and whether or not you are following them, consider joining our expert team of sellers and advisors which will provide you with ample support and knowledge.


And there you have it. We have looked over some of the major emerging trends in the world of technical solutions, the main ones being internet of things (IoT), artificial intelligence (AI), automation, intelligent transportation, and automatic machine learning (AutoML). Keep in mind that those listed here represent only the tip of the iceberg and that there are innumerable developments constantly springing up all around the tech world.

If you fall into the category of a solution producer, then it is of crucial importance that you keep up to date with these new developments. Doing that is not always the simplest thing ever, which is why it is good to always have some help from those with resources and experience.

We at the PGN are an amazing team of producers, sellers, and advisors who will gladly help you out. Go ahead and contact us and make sure your solutions are up to date!

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