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Visit Our Presentation on Platform Business Model for Global Sales Networks!

A company needs a managed sales network to expand globally. Building or developing it on your own is an expensive and long process. Using the platform business model to support companies in this endeavour can be as disruptive as with others like Uber or Google as it brings many benefits among which are low cost, speed and agility of deployment, self regulated quality, saving time and resources, excellent support systems. See how.

On the 21st & 22nd of March, Atol will be exhibiting 🐦PGN at the Sales Innovation Expo 2018. The exhibition is FREE to attend for visitors and promises to bring the latest news and innovations from the world of Sales and Marketing. The event will be closing with presentations from leading experts in their field. One of them, Blaž Mertelj will be presenting a Platform Business Model for Global Sales Networks.

Register for free tickets and visit us at booth 1774! Make sure you catch the presentation in Theatre 7 on the 22. of March at 15:30! See you all there!

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