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Atol Steps Into the New Year

Another successful year has come to an end and we have stepped into the new year with great optimism, happiness and a positive outlook for the future.

The year 2017 has marked the beginning of the 🐦PGN platform and continued success with new projects, clients, and partners. Christmas time is time for family and loved ones, but also for celebrating and being thankful for our business success. This is why we hosted our annual "Medica" event for Atol's friends. Medica is a traditional Slovenian honey liquor that has a reputation for bringing people together and we used this opportunity to spend some time with the friends we've made along the way.

Of course we must not forget the old Atol Counter-Strike tradition that we call Jelly Strike. At the end of the year we make sure to take a break from working and spend some time bonding - and what better way to bond than to divide the team and make them fight each other 3 on 3? :) Many drinks and laughs were shared while trying to out-shoot the competition and we lost all track of time.

From everyone at Atol, we wish you happy holidays and a successful year 2018!

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