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The Dangers of Sales Trainings

There are mixed feelings on whether sales trainings actually produce the results that they should. There are several reasons why sales managers are often left unsatisfied by sales trainings or educational seminars. According to a survey done by Sales Performance International in Charlotte, North Carolina, the most common complaint by sales managers is poor implementation of sales knowledge into day-to-day operations.

62.7% of participants in the survey have noted that the most problematic time period immediately follows the sales training. A lack of practical help and proper tools came in second in the survey. Keith Eades, the Executive Director of Sales Performance International says that it is still a challenge for sales managers in all types of businesses to begin using newly gained knowledge and tools. The salespeople themselves are usually thrilled about new sales trainings. However, upon returning to regular business life where they are greeted by old routines and exposed to the everyday pressures of achieving targets and closing deals, the new knowledge quickly fades away.

Mr. Eades also believes that the trust in one-day sales trainings is decreasing. Progressive companies recognize the limitations of such trainings which are nothing more than a set of sales tricks. Instead, many are using complete sales methods and solutions to be implemented in the whole organization. Mr. Eades also says that all tools and processes are a part of a well-functioning whole. Furthermore, he estimates that a third of important companies implemented or at least redesigned their sales methods or processes in the past few years.

From our customers, we learn that a well-defined, predictable, measurable and repeatable system that enables sales managers to follow its progress and act accordingly in different sales situations is vital. Thus, we are very adamant to provide solutions to our customers that deliver a whole system and focus heavily on the implementation in practice. This kind of approach even further emphasizes the failure of one-day trainings and why it is so important to deliver the right solution for the client, not a one-size-fits-all sales training. With us, the whole team is working according to a common method and processes, which means that the consulting has to last longer and remain uninterrupted.

Translated and adapted by Jan V. Mertelj

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