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Awesome and Inspiring Coworking Community
for Creative Internationals in Ljubljana

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Coworking in Ljubljana - the Road to Success

Are you a consultant, entrepreneur, or Startup owner who occasionally needs professional business premises? Do you want to perform your work in a modern and stimulating environment? Are you open, innovative and eager for success?


At Atol we are coworking, because we are aware of the benefits that it brings:

  • 80% of coworkers report an increase in the number of business contacts;

  • 92% say that their social network has increased;

  • 75% report an increase in productivity;

  • 86% talk about reduced feelings of loneliness;

  • almost 90% talk about increased self-esteem;

  • 70% feel better than in the traditional work environment.

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Our Designer Office Space

We share professional premises with other professionals who are willing to change their work environment occasionally to carry out business meetings or workshops, or need to get work done in a business-friendly environment while waiting for their next meeting.
Our offices in the Antaro building, near the Ljubljana ring road, were from the outset designed for teamwork, and for an open and innovative work environment. Our business partners and customers feel good in it, and many an innovative solution has come as a result of thoughtfully planned and systematically equipped offices.
Main Building Restaurant facilities at the Antaro building are also available, and the location is easily accessible to BTC City – the well-known business, shopping, recreational, sports and cultural centre. The location also offers quick access to the Ljubljana ring road and is only a short distance away from the historic centre of Ljubljana.

Facilities Available

Large Meeting room

Group meetings, brainstorming, and workshops occur in a stimulating environment equipped with projector, Webcam and Flipchart.

Two Smaller Offices

Invite your client or colleague to use one of the two smaller modern furnished offices for work or for small meetings.

Office Desks

Bring your laptop and select one of the available office desks or choose a dedicated one. Choice of direct day-light.

The Connectivity and Printing

Hi-Speed Internet, Wifi, Ethernet, a modern color laser printer

The Kitchenette with Dining Space

If you prefer to bring your own lunch use the cosy dining room with the company of fish :) 

Coworking Price List

Milan Petković Sales Manager Salvus

Milan Petković,
Sales Manager at Salvus d.o.o.

I received a recommendation from a colleague who already used the space. We were looking for a place where we could have undisturbed conversations with the candidates. The space completely satisfied our needs. The office space is good and I will recommend it to others.

Maja Stefanović Owner Format

Maja Stefanović,
Owner at Format

We needed an office for interviews with candidates in Slovenia. Since we do not have our own office in Ljubljana, we consider it more pleasant and professional to organize business meetings in an office. I would recomend services to others and advise them to choose a part of the office that best suits their needs.

Maja Stefanović Owner Format

Irena Bačak,
Digital Marketing Specialist

I generally liked the coworking space at Atol as well as the sales and marketing focus of the community, which at that time was still developing.

Coworking Success Stories
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