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7 Reasons Why You Should Go For Remote Sales Jobs

A lot of us probably still feel somewhat attached to the now outdated concept of the traditional office where people work from nine to five. However, although this setting does provide some advantages when it comes to discipline and work ethic, more and more people are considering working remotely in a variety of different fields, including sales. That said, why should someone go for remote sales jobs?

Sales is a field that greatly benefits from remote work. Remote sales jobs are great both for employees and employers, allowing good work to be produced by people who are comfortable in their work environment—work which is also easily checked and monitored. Because of this, more and more aspiring salespeople are turning to remote work.

This article will explain in further detail why you should consider remote sales jobs as an amazing opportunity to put your skills to quality use. Towards the end, we will give you some tips on getting a remote sales job and there will be a section where we, the PGN, introduce ourselves and inform you of how we can help you when it comes to remote sales jobs.

Why you should go for remote sales jobs

This section will list several reasons why working remotely in sales just makes sense. They are heavily inspired by Mike Monroe's article for and's info on working remotely. Without further ado, let us start.

1. Sales is commission-based

Sales relies on performance-based incentives. That means that it does not matter from where you are conducting your sale as long as you do it right. Your employers, if they are honest, will most of the time admit that they do not care how you make a sale as long as you succeed. If it gets you and your company to profit then who cares if you made the sale over chat while sipping coffee in your bed, comfortably wrapped in a blanket?


This sort of attitude is made possible by modern communication methods which simply do not require you to be face-to-face with a customer or even talk to them over the phone. Thus, sales can often seem like a field created specifically for remote work.

2. A better work-life balance

If you are working remotely from home, then you are not a slave to a fixed office work schedule. You can manage more time in a far more flexible way, and thus get more out of both your work and free time.

Working remotely from home can allow you to have more time for your hobbies or socializing with family and friends. It also gives you more time as you do not have to waste any commuting to work.


Stress can be a huge hindrance when it comes to performing quality work, so you are ensuring that you produce good results by customizing your schedule to your specific needs and preferences. (After all, not everyone is most productive from morning til' late afternoon.)

3. Health benefits

If you are confined to an office throughout your workday, it can be difficult to eat healthy. Sure, we can make nutritious food and bring it with us to work, but how many of us actually have the time to do that? More often than not, we resort to getting a quick bite to eat from a nearby restaurant or fast food, and unless we are willing to spend quite a sum on ordering out, the quality of the food we get will almost always be inferior to what one can prepare at home for oneself.

On top of that, exercise is another thing which is made more difficult to achieve by working at an office. It can be a challenge to find time for the gym when we only have so many hours a week we can spend at home.

Working remotely takes care of both of those issues and allows you to pursue a healthier lifestyle. Of course, if you want to annihilate yourself with junk food and lay around all day, that option is still available, but with a presumably equipped kitchen always on hand and freedom to either work out at home or go to the gym, more often than not your lifestyle will be healthier.

4. No commute

Nobody likes commuting. True, it depends on what kind of commute we are talking about. A short walk can sometimes be rather pleasant before coming into the office, but an hour-long ride can be grating on the psyche.

What is worse, many companies will not even count the time you spend coming to work as work hours, and so this comes right out of your personal time (trying back into our point about work-life balance).


If you needed even more reasons why commuting can be an issue, think of the environmental impact that non-sustainable modes of transportation have. After all, not all modes of transportation we use to get to work fall under trolleys or trams. This, not having to commute is better both for the person and for the environment, and this positive effect will also indirectly impact the company.

Working remotely will remove this potential frustration from your work equation, and keep both you and the environment healthy and motivated.

5. Opportunity for character development

While some might consider this a con, in reality not having all the structure and imposed discipline of an office environment can be a great opportunity for you to learn how to keep yourself motivated and inspired.

At home, you are your own motivator. Thus, you will naturally have to develop the will and mental traits which foster a diligent personality. While your friends who work at the office will complain about how they cannot wait for work to be over so they can go get wasted, you will be developing a healthier relationship to responsibility: realizing that it is in your own interest to work.

Over time, you may even start to enjoy working just for its own sake, which will start blurring the line between work and play, making your work infused with a certain joy and quality which will surely catch the eyes of the right people. When all is said and done, this could bring you quite a lot of professional success (not to mention all of these skills will spill over into the private sector of your life too).

6. Better communication

This is another odd point and it might seem contradictory to some, but working remotely often means you will have better communication with the rest of the company. The reason why is that people are aware that electronic communication does not tolerate ambiguities and a little misunderstanding can sometimes have somewhat severe consequences.


Thus, to minimize the risk of this happening, companies will often be more detailed in electronic communication, ensuring that you will know exactly what people want of you. This will make the work you do more precise and improve its quality, making everyone's lives better. Remote workers also tend to communicate more frequently with their supervisors.

7. Saving money

Finally, by not commuting to work, not having to eat out all the time, not needing a separate wardrobe for the office, you will save quite a bit of money which you can use elsewhere.

How do I get a remote sales job?

No doubt that with all of these advantages you might be considering going remote. If you choose to do so, what are some of the things you should do to be more successful?

Well, getting a remote sales job is all about your online presence. You will want to do things such as polish your LinkedIn profile and set up your social media accounts so that you portray a professional and employable persona. Remember, it is perfectly valid nowadays for your potential employer to look you up online.

That said, we would now like to talk about ourselves a little bit.

How we can help

We, the PGN (Produs™ Global Growth Network) are a platform that focuses on innovative technology with potential business buyers. We offer services to both producers and buyers and bring innovative tech solutions to those who need them.

Thus, we are always looking for quality salespeople and are a great option for somebody who is looking to work remotely. If you think remote sales jobs might be the next big thing in your career, do not hesitate to contact us.


Remote sales jobs are a great option for skilled salespeople to get into. They offer many benefits, from having a better work-life balance to saving money, and working remotely can be just the thing to upgrade the health of your lifestyle. If you are currently looking for something new in your career, there is little reason not to give them a try.

If you do decide to do so, bear in mind that we at the PGN are always looking for new talent and can help you develop yourself professionally. Therefore, feel free to get in touch.

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