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"My sales guys needed to develop their sales approach

to be able to sell new generations of products."

Milan Čelan, Managing Director at Tipro Keyboards


Business Challenge

Tipro was no longer able to focus on strategic development and had been unable to launch new products for some time. This started to threaten their market leadership position as well as future development of the company.


  1. The sales team was spending too much time on sales operations and support;

  2. The Managing Director had to be involved in all large sales opportunities as the sales team was unable to generate and manage major transactions on their own;

  3. Opportunities were not being closed as forecasted and the company was also unable to identify opportunities and formulate territorial sales plans;

  4. There was no comprehensive, unified sales process, which prevented the sales manager from leading the team effectively. Selling was too dependent on individuals' skills;

  5. There was no overview of sales activities;

  6. The sales force lacked key selling skills to sell the next generation of solutions successfully.

Needs and Solution

The Managing Director needed a way to:

  1. Transfer the best sales practice and experience to other members of the team;

  2. Organise and systematise the sales operation and delegate it to the sales manager;

  3. Monitor sales performance and continuously improve the system.


Atol has proposed a comprehensive, results-oriented solution, which consists of a set of guided workshops, consulting sessions to teach sales methods, and a set of customized tools to implement the system smoothly, complemented by a targeted range of activities for a thorough and successful launch.


  1. Every salesperson now has the information and tools to know what to do, when and how;

  2. The system is built in such a way as to enable the selling of Value to each customer, not just basic Product selling;

  3. The sales team’s know-how can grow and be used to improve the system continuously;

  4. The company now has a single, unified Selling System that can be monitored and improved.

About the Company

Tipro Keyboards provides customers worldwide with intelligent computer interface solutions. They strive to understand customers' future needs and enhance their efficiency. The products range from high-end PC keyboards to complex all-in-one interface solutions.

The customers range from global enterprises to local solution providers all over the world.

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