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  • Blaž Mertelj

"Last Mile" apps for higher field performance

Touchware is strengthening its market presence in Europe with its innovative custom mobile applications enabling marketing and sales to increase the productivity & effectiveness.

Their real value proposition comes from the key Touchware people being able to invent new marketing/sales solutions for better results together with the client’s leadership team and build them. Their innovative approach is already supporting sales in pharmaceutical companies like Pliva and Teva.

"Our vision is to develop some key European markets like France, Germany, Netherlands and Nordics with a local office that manages business there. To run such an office is very costly, like 200k € yearly and this is something we can not afford before the market is developed.

And that’s why collaboration with PGN is one of the pillars in our strategy for 2019. I like how you see us, very positive and optimistic and this is the first time I really have the feeling we found somebody that can really help us grow."

Michelangelo Chasseur, Owner

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