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Electronic Plastic

"Our sales did not feel strong enough. Now that the team is formed and able to operate independently, we feel confident in it and in ourselves ... but the road ahead is long. And here we are counting on Atol."

  -- Massimo Makovac, CEO at ATech

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"I am convinced that Atol’s method and tools will turn out to be long term solutions, because they enable us to serve our customers better. More than to just sell, we want to know our customers’ wishes, needs and expectations for tomorrow. Here goes a thank you to Atol which saw us as a unique client with unique problems to solve." 

  -- Andrej Bajuk, CEO at TEM Čatež


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Tipro was no longer able to focus on strategic development and had been unable to launch new products for some time. This started to threaten their market leadership position as well as future development of the company.
"My sales guys needed to develop their sales approach to be able to sell new generations of products." 

  -- Milan Čelan, CEO at Tipro

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"When you initially claimed that sales process can be managed as logistics or manufacturing I, to be honest didn't believe it. I didn't think it's possible. Now I see that it is possible and it was all enabled by Atol."
  -- Andrej Novak, CEO at SMT

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Makop was challenged to increase sales by at least 1,5 Million Euro in the next 12 months, with revenues coming from new customers in Western Europe. With the increased volume they would operate at capacity and achieve improved operating ratios and growth.

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The challenge of Akripol was to get new partners in foreign markets. In fact they received several inquiries, but this potential remained mostly untapped. This had to be addressed because some of the key programs already decreased, which could - in spite of the potential - on long term lead to cessation of those programs.

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Machinery & Metal Production

Machinery Metal

"The entire project was carried out very professionally. Sales tools help me to understand the customer. At every point in the sales process I know where I am and what I have achieved."

  -- Andrej Gabrijel, Owner


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With its penetration into foreign markets, the company’s sales activities and the information related to these activities increased in volume and complexity. Managing sales activities successfully became a crucial challenge for FerroČrtalič as it expanded into new markets.

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"We worked with a well-known consulting firm, but Atol's approach is something completely different, with the real value." 

  -- Igor Berce, Owner


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"I liked above all that Atol's consultants had experienced situations similar to ours. They listened to us and gave us good professional advice, due to which we've increased the effectiveness of our solutions."  

  -- Miha Grešak, Director

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"The entire company, we started thinking differently, we started to talk about the challenges of our clients, decision makers and the probability of business opportunities. We have control over the sale."  

  -- Gregor Žerovnik, Sales Manager 

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Financial & Professional Services

Financial Professional

Atol has developed an automated ordering and transfer of credit information reports from domestic and foreign credit information sources and their automatic storage in PKZ databases.

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The existing way of winning new business in Gorenjska banka did not ensure reaching sales targets, which endangered execution of key measures of business restructuring on time.
The sellers needed an effective sales process to identify opportunities and specific business requirements that allowed them to provide proper solutions.

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“You have set off the process of developing a sales engine that got us to a completely different mindset.”
  -- Nicholas Fielding, Owner and Director at Baker Tilly Poland, Sp. z o.o.


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"Throughout the duration of our partnership, Atol has demonstrated excellent search skills, attention to detail, focus on specific requirements as well as ability to assess the cultural fit between the client and a potential candidate. We appreciate Atol's professionalism, responsiveness, ability to adapt as well as a proactive and goal-driven approach they bring to search projects.”
  -- Jennifer Clements, Senior recruiting specialist

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The firm needed to develop the advisory element of their professionals to the level of partners that were winning most important clients until then. The process of systematic understanding of business needs of clients has been introduced in order to provide higher-added-value solutions to them, resulting in better win-ratios and overall result.

Software & IT Services

Software IT

Kopa is introducing complete information system solutions for top Slovenian companies and also for companies in Serbia, Bulgaria, Croatia, Montenegro, and Bosnia and Herzegovina. Their information system solutions provide users a comparative advantage over their competitors.



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Most solutions that Atol develops with its clients include firstly introducing the appropriate structure to client's sales team or organisation in order to enable the team to improve. Usually, this is a part of the system​, like the sales process and sales tools.


"Atol’s unique strength was really the combination of product and services together – the knowledge of not only how to configure and customise the solution but also the knowledge of how to keep CRM simple and drive the business change."

CRM Idol 2012 Review

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Other Industries


INEA Manufacturing Automation

"We started to realize that we sell solutions and that for winning the business it is very important to understand the buyer's situation and the organization itself. All these years we lacked the control over the sales team activities and the quality of the pipeline."

  -- Peter Kosin, General Manager at Inea d.o.o.




Melamine Chemistry

"Project effectiveness and interaction with Atol consultants I would evaluate as excellent. The solution was devised to move us in the direction that we want, its functionality was excellent, sometimes better than we expected. During the most intensive collaboration, we were constantly in touch. They were perfectly tuned in to us." 

  -- Damjan Murn, Director of BU Chemical Industry at Melamine



Textile Services

"I see the project as successful, as there was a bigger change than I expected. Compared with other regions, I see that our sales people with new approaches no longer see only products and services but also comprehensive solutions in the segments of the mat and work-wear." 

  -- Gregor Šilec, Managing Director at Lindstrom Slovenija



Industrial Gases

Linde management had difficulty achieving sustainable business growth under increasingly difficult competitive conditions. 

Atol implemented a comprehensive, results-oriented solution, which consisted of a set of guided workshops, consulting sessions to improve sales techniques.

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Office Supplies

Upon entering the Slovenian market, O1S Ltd. had start-up problems with B2B, which is a critical prerequisite to success for any Office 1 franchise. In Slovenia, established competition had been firmly rooted in the segment for years.

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